Our philosophy

At Whytecliffe we listen to and involve each individual in our support and care services, as no one guides and influences us better than you.

Together we create opportunities for everyone to achieve their own personal goals. The resident is essential to all that we do at Whytecliffe, and delivering high quality care and service is our top priority.

What we do

A comprehensive care plan is developed for every resident on their individual activities of daily living. Each resident is assessed and the outcome of their needs assessment will form the plan for care delivery through our registered nurses on duty throughout a 24 hour period supported by our team of skilled care assistants.

We will:

  • Assess, plan and evaluate our residents care consistent with current best practice, knowledge and research, with our residents consent and co-operation involving carers, their representatives and members of the multi disciplinary team.
  • Promote our residents optimal independence, individuality and fulfilment of their views and experience within the regulated activity, and type of service we provide.
  • Take account of individual personal preferences, taste, life style, interests, physical and mental abilities.
  • Accept and respect each individual’s social, emotional, religious, sexual, cultural and political needs.
  • Promote a living environment which is conducive to the provision of choice, independence, self-respect, dignity, fulfilment and privacy.
  • Promote a care environment in which the resident, carer, next of kin, friend, partner, neighbour, relative, Independent Mental Capacity Advocate, Independent Mental Health Advocate, Relevant Persons Representative (DoLS), Advocate, Attorney who will be able to make a positive contribution to their quality of life during their stay.

Clinical governance provides the framework for continuously improving quality of service and safeguarding high standards and care and support. It incorporates care standards and places significant importance on the individual resident’s experience and outcome.

We want families and friends to get involved as much as possible in all areas, to include visits, social activities and hobbies, making the change from “home to home” an easy one for residents.